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TOWARD the CLEARING Chapbook and CD


From the foreground we see the clearing as it emerges at woods edge through the canvas , a lifetime away. Beyond in mist the future is alluring. Rippling water and stepping stones show the way, smooth, strategic at start, but the climb slumbers in the distance.

This is a work my mother painted while a student at The Art Institute of Chicago, and Mundelein College, c. 1933

Jean describes her poetry as “a choreography of words,” as she joins her poetry reading with musical accompaniment. Her poetry book includes a CD of the poems accompanied by oboe, English horn, flute, piano, fretless banjo, violin, and balafon in the collaboration with musicians and readers: Natalie Wren, Diane Amos, Lytingale, Sue Ford, and Sarah Rubin. Readers include Rosemary Ferguson, Lytingale, Tom Cassidy, Althea Gonzalez, Holly Iglesias, Nancy Spence, Debbie Nordeen, Susan Shinn, Joe Roberts, Debra Roberts, and Virginia Boyle. Studio production and recording was done with Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville, NC

IN ORDINARY TIMES  a selected reading – Click to hear Susan Shinn read “In Ordinary Time” with piano accompaniment by Lytingale

If you’d like a copy of the book and CD, let me know

Published by Main Street Rag, Charlotte, North Carolina 2014  Price: &17.95   

Jean’s work has previously been published in It’s All Relative – Tales from the Tree,  in The Great Smokies Review, in Speckled Trout Review and in These Trees by Ruthie Rosauer


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