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THE AGE OF LONELINESS – in a Deepening Sensation

The eminent biologist, E.O. Wilson, has proposed a Latin name Eremocene, which translated means “The Age of Loneliness,” for the coming time in which human beings have extinguished the majority of the other life forms on earth.  FOR MORE

Note: I first heard this concept from Nickole Brown in a class I was taking at the Arboretum   FOR MORE


What does a seeker need?  Perhaps two things are paramount. The first is a deep wish. It is the sense in one’s life that something is missing, something perhaps ineffable, but nevertheless somehow there, that I wish to come closer to. The sense of this other current, and the wish for it, is not given to everyone. But it is a necessary prerequisite. Unless I sense that something is missing, why should I begin to search for that something?  FOR  MORE




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