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SIMPLY A BLESSING for this new year

May your walls be sturdy, your lintel secure,

your hearth be aglow now, where love can endure.

As your table’s complete with knife, fork and spoon,

the cook’s so content, she whistles a tune.


So, strength to your household, your family and friends.

May you rest there securely, when day comes to end.

May your friends be close by, not having to earn

and your door have a lock you don’t need to turn.


May your path be of interest with valleys sublime,

no rockslide nor insult as you make your climb.

May you be well-padded when you trip and fall

with someone to catch you should you have to call.


So, strength to your household, your family and friends,

may you rest so content as you reach journey’s end.

Your road not too rocky, your toil not too long,

your path lined with lilac, your heart filled with song.


Jean Cassidy 2020

COMMUNITY, family, new year, poetry, wnc writers, women writers

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