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KATHY NELSON’S new poetry collection

The Ledger of Mistakes now exists in the world as a published poetry collection.

Dear Friends, Family, and Poets,

 I am filled with such gratitude to all of you who encouraged me along the way, who read my poems and offered critique, who kept after me not to give up. Many of you pre-ordered the book and let me know. I have already thanked you, and I thank you again. To others who pre-ordered but did not let me know, I thank you as well. You may have seen on Facebook that for three whole days, The Ledger of Mistakes was the #1 selling book in Family Poetry. That was quite a send-off you gave me! Thank you.

If you meant to order the book but haven’t yet, you can order it on my website ( or at these booksellers: .

Please consider writing an Amazon review. The more reviews The Ledger of Mistakes receives, the more Amazon does to promote it. And there are readings being scheduled. You can see them on the Events page of For now, look for me at these venues:

September 21, 2023—Book Launch, Carson City, NV

November 14, 2023—Poetry Center Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA

January 7, 2024—Malaprops Bookstore, Asheville, NC

February, 2024—Book Buyers, Charlotte, NC

TBD, 2024—Pegasus Bookstore, Lyrics & Dirges Series, Oakland, CA

September 8, 2024—Well-Versed Words, online reading.


I hope to see you there!


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