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Women Owned Black And Minority Businesses We Love

As 2023 blows through, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the many women in business who are making a difference by the products they create, the messaging of culture and community they offer, and the thoughtfulness put into bringing unique products to market. In order to do that, we wanted to take a look at the facts and figures and the challenges women-in-business face in the United States.

Women, especially minority and Black women, have been marginalized in American society. That is also true of minority and Black women in business. To understand why that is, understanding how minorities and Black Americans are represented in business is key. Minorities make up 32 percent of the American population, but only 18% of those minorities are business owners. The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) noted in a recent report that, “Even though the number of minority-owned firms has grown by 35 percent, the average gross receipts for those firms dropped by 16 percent.” The disparity in growth is a reflection of minority and Black-owned business owners not having equal access to capital, financing, investment and entrepreneurial development opportunities.  FOR MORE

Se Lever is a collective of extraordinary people striving to do extraordinary things.

Readers delight, because these women are making products we can use every day


Formerly the sheville magazine, se lever is a magazine devoted to the pursuit of equality, hope + creativity.

The original Sheville was created in Asheville, NC around 1995 by Lee Wilkerson, then purchased in 2005 by Va Boyle and Jean Cassidy and renamed and operated as until 2020.



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