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DEBRA ROBERTS and Holy Bee Press


DEBRA ROBERTS is a natural (treatment-free) beekeeper and international honeybee educator, speaker, mentor, advocate, artist, poet and writer.



She swims in these waters:

  • The Sacred Path of Bee: Beekeeping as a Sacred Practice
  • Natural Compassionate Beekeeping (half-day to 3-day sessions)
  • Backing Into Wisdom by Focusing on Practice (chop wood, carry water, calling back the Medicine)
  • Love as the Ultimate Activism
  • Following the Bee Trail:  A Woman’s Adventures on the Good Bee Road
  • An Infinite Number Ways to Help the Pollinators (for those who do and don’t have bees)
  • Women’s Ways in the Apiary
Debra Roberts, Master Beekeeper

Debra is Founder of Holy Bee Press, a bee mentor for Hamaatsa (an indigenous learning center in New Mexico), on the Advisory Board of The Center for Honeybee Research, a poet (some of her work here: On Bees and Being), editor of a series of ongoing articles about honeybees and natural beekeeping, and received her Master Beekeeping certification in 2010. She was highlighted as one of the Bee Luminaries in 2015 and chosen as one of the Heroes of Asheville in 2014. Debra also created the online series, The Sacred Path of Bee for bee appreciators worldwide. She mentors new beekeepers by email, Skype, phone (and where possible, in person). Debra also consults and collaborates with fellow artists on honeybee-related projects (email her for more information about this). She resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband Joe, cat Habla, and millions of honeybees.



Healing from the hive

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