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The Dinner Party: Artist Judy Chicago’s Iconic Antidote to the Erasure of Women in the History of Creative Culture

September 13, 2023

Hooked on the Heavens: How Caroline Herschel, the First Professional Woman Astronomer, Nearly Died by Meathook in the Name of Science

September 12, 2023

The Universe in Verse 2017: Full Show – in The Marginalian

September 12, 2023


From the foreground we see the clearing as it emerges in the distance through the canvas, a lifetime away. Beyond in mist the future is alluring. Rippling water and stepping stones show the way, smooth, strategic at start, but the climb slumbers in the distance.  READ MORE


I think art of any kind has to do with finding one’s way home, that is, back to oneself perhaps for the first time. Art connects heart and mind, to find the story I’m searching for.  READ MORE

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Published by Main Street Rag, Charlotte, North Carolina 2014  Price: &17.95   

Jean’s work has previously been published in It’s All Relative – Tales from the Tree,  in The Great Smokies Review, in Speckled Trout Review and in These Trees by Ruthie Rosauer,