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Unspinning the Spin is a guide on the background, current uses, accuracy, nonbiased alternatives, and best practices for choosing and de-coding commonly used words and phrases.

at The Women’s Media Center

It goes beyond the scope of a dictionary or thesaurus to mine a wide variety of fields for accurate, inclusive, creative, and clear words and phrases. As a compendium that is easy to consult, practical, informative–and funny!–it is indispensable for everyday use.

Unspinning the Spin is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide to words and phrases—their meanings, sources, backgrounds, suggested uses, and nonsexist, nonracist alternatives. It’s a guide for journalists and editors in the United States and other countries, for bloggers creating their own media and for government officials creating policy, for students and teachers at all levels, for activists, workers in communication fields, and for any reader who loves the English language. The guide is organized alphabetically for easy use, with cross-references to related words, phrases, and issues.

Rosalie Maggio, a distinguished authority on language for more than 25 years, is the author of Unspinning the Spin. Women’s Media Center co-founders Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem wrote the preface. FOR MORE

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