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Matthew Fox on Creation Spirituality

CS is about recovering nature and all of creation as sacred again.

It reaches back to the earliest humans who were struck with the awe of their existence in the midst of the awe of nature and it is found in the earliest writer of the Hebrew Bible (“J” source) and in the Wisdom literature of the Bible which scholars all agree was the primary influence on the historical Jesus as were the prophets who also speak often out of a CS context and message. CS holds up the archetype of the Cosmic Christ (or Buddha Nature or Image of God) as a symbol of the sacredness of all things, micro and macro. The universe itself is the ultimate sacrament therefore.

CS is found among indigenous peoples everywhere–Aboriginal teacher and activist Eddie Kneebone said that Creation Spirituality strikes him as being parallel to the “Dreamtime” of his people. Lakota teacher Buck Ghosthorse once said to me: “Do you want to know how sacred water is? Go without it for three days and nights.” FOR MORE

Photo credit: Liz Preyer

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