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Jane Hirshfield: The Fullness of Things

in The Daily Good, January 2022

“The esteemed writer Jane Hirshfield has been a Zen monk and a visiting artist among neuroscientists. She has said this: ‘It’s my nature to question, to look at the opposite side.

I believe that the best writing also does this… It tells us that where there is sorrow, there will be joy; where there is joy, there will be sorrow… The acknowledgement of the fully complex scope of being is why good art thrills…Acknowledging the fullness of things,’ she insists, ‘is our human task.’ And that’s the ground Krista Tippett meanders with Jane Hirshfield in this conversation: the fullness of things — through the interplay of Zen and science, poetry and ecology — in her life and writing.” { read more }

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