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20 books that are essential reading for Black History Month

Offered by Flatiron Writers Room

February is Black History Month, and if you’re looking for a way to educate yourself and expand your knowledge about the accomplishments and contributions of Black people in American history, as well as reflect on the inequalities and injustices that have been done against them, we’ve rounded up 20 books by some of the most brilliant Black authors and historical figures to read throughout the month and beyond. FOR MORE

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. February marks Black History Month—the moment this country pauses to acknowledge the Black community and our contributions to American history at large. This annual observance first began as “Negro History Week,” introduced by Carter G. Woodson to fill the void in public school curriculums. Over the next 40 years, that solitary week would continue growing in popularity until 1969 when students at Kent State University, following a period of deep activism, decided that seven days wasn’t enough time to educate ourselves. FOR MORE

Celebrate Black History Month all year long! And let’s celebrate by reading some excellent books, shall we? To do just that, we’re highlighting dozens of new and about-to-be-released books by Black authors that span genres from literary fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult, and romance. FOR MORE

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