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DIFFERENT STROKES! Performing Arts Collective

Asheville, 2022

Making Theatre, Building Community, Facilitating Awareness, Changing The World One Play At A Time.

Making Theatre That Makes A Difference “If the purpose of the arts is, as theorist Viktor Shlovsky once wrote, to “make the stone stony,” to “make objects unfamiliar” that over time have become invisible,

Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective has made this the centerpiece of their work as it intersects with race, gender, and sexuality. Their work bends spectators’ perceptions just enough that they are able to see the unexamined assumptions that underlie daily life”. – Scott Walters for American Theatre MagazineFollow our Twitter account at our LinkedIn account at Subscribe to our Newsletter at

May be an image of text that says 'MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN CINEMA written by CHRISTIAN ST. CROIX directed by STEPHANIE HICKLING BECKMAN starring BJORN COLLER AND AIDAN SHORT Tina McGuire Theatre June 2-18, 2022'

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