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PARTNERSHIP for Appalachian Girls’ Education

The story of the Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education begins with me: a girl growing up in a working-class family in the Western North Carolina mountains. I was a girl with big dreams but limited opportunities.

When I was seventeen years old, and hopelessly naïve about how higher education works, opportunity came knocking at my door. I received an offer of admission to a local two-year college, with a free ride through a combination of scholarships. Off I went on a journey that ended up taking me to Harvard University for a doctorate in education, then back to my native North Carolina soil to found PAGE.


Stories from a Rosenwald School in Mars Hill

The artwork of children once graced the walls of the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School. This two-room school provided a close-knit learning community for Black students in grades 1-8 from 1930 -1965. Alumni speak of the passion for learning, reading, and the arts they gained, even with unequal resources like frayed, secondhand textbooks. FOR MORE

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