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National Institute of American Doll Artists (NAIDA) and  Southern Highland Craft Guild

I had a late start working at dollmaking so have really pushed myself to learn. I am interested in the figure portrayed in exaggerated stylized form. Color and proportion are central to my ideas as a doll maker and I like to use opposites on the color wheel to energize the costume for the viewer. Color and costume are two of my strengths as a doll maker. Shape balanced upon shape; colored and textured like an illustration is the way I design a doll. My dolls are an expression of my most tender heart. They are the most personal expression of my artistic soul that I have found and I expect to be working in this medium for a very long time.


and  Southern Highlands Craft Guild


Featured Image: Queen of Carrots, detail – 21″h x 5″w x 5″d. Cloth, sculpted paperclay. 2007

visual art, wnc artists

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