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The Music and Art of Norma Tanega

in Folk Radio, written by Alex Gallacher

Norma Tanega left an enduring expression of what it means to be free.

Brooklyn-based Anthology Recordings are celebrating the music and art of American folk singer Norma Tanega in a new anthology I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964–1971 and art book – Try to Tell a Fish About Water.

Norma was born in 1939 in Vallejo, California to a multicultural Navy family. Her father, Tomas Tanega was Filipino and bandmaster in the US Navy and her mother, Otilda Tanega, was Panamanian. FOR MORE


Norma Tanega was a queer woman of colour who found success and laughter in the folk music world

Norma Tanega bounced through life to the beat of her own drum. In 1966, she scored an international hit with the offbeat folk-pop single, “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog.” That same year, Tanega moved to England and began a relationship with Dusty Springfield, writing songs for her and other artists, including Blossom DearieFOR MORE

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