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Students in North Carolina Tackle Light Pollution with Cube Satellites

How six students from UNC Asheville are creating a tool to help support Lights Out initiatives in North Carolina and beyond.

 in The Audubon Society Newsletter


One of the biggest challenges to getting Lights Out programs adopted into official city ordinances is a lack of data on light pollution and its effects. For a group of students at University of North Carolina (UNC) Asheville, that challenge was an opportunity.





Photo Credit Cardinal: The Wildlife Society


9 Rules for the Woke Birdwatcher

by J. Drew Lanham in Orion Nature Quarterly

Lower your binoculars. See bird and person in the full context of their being, feathers or skin. We all share the same air, same water, same earth, and same fate in the end. Don’t just list and be done. FOR MORE

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