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Sept 8-11 – Culturefest in Pipestem WV. We play Friday 4:15-5:16pm. 

Sept 2-4 – Fallout Festival in Alexander (near Weaverville). Free music (30 bands), free food, artists. The full complement of Honey Butter Biscuits will play on Saturday 7:30-8:30pm on the main stage. Please register. 


Wednesdays Sept 7, 14, 21, 28 – Open Mic, 7-9pm at Camden’s Coffee shop, 40 N Main St, Mars Hill. Hosted by Kathryn O’Shea (who will usually sing a couple of her songs) 




Kathryn O’Shea’s “Fall,” Video Premiere

May, 2021

Local singer/songwriter Kathryn O’Shea celebrates the release of her music video, “Fall,” recorded in the Black Balsam area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Local videographer Laura Boswell filmed the shoot. Xpress caught up with O’Shea to discuss the release. Here is the interview, along with the video premiere.

Upon release, Kathryn wrote, “SHE’S HERE, FRIENDS. BABY’S FIRST MUSIC VIDEO HAS ARRIVED”. She sends all gratitude in the world to Mountain Xpress for premiering her work.

And here’s more about Kathryn: Artist’s Bio and her new music video

Join with her on Patreon:
What is Patreon, you may ask? Listen closely, and she’ll tell you a story of a magical land of creation-based subscriptions, where instead of exchanging charisma for dollar bills from behind a bar, she can exchange music and musings (and small pieces of her soul) for monthly donations. Don’t worry. she really, really like giving away bits of her soul. Anyone who knows her also knows there’s plenty to go around!

Here’s Kathryn to tell you how it works: “You choose ANY dollar amount you want (even just $1!!) to donate on a recurring monthly basis, and in return, I create work and send it to you, including exclusive monthly livestream concerts, interactive blog posts, special guest interviews and parts of my writing process that no one else gets to see, like peeks into my actual freaking journal. I honestly can’t believe I’m offering that to anyone… but I like to say I’m a big fan of vulnerability, so let’s walk our talk, shall we? Join her on Patreon​!

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