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A note from Tina Barr,

There is a report from the New York Times on Jerry Stern, a brilliant poet whom I knew when I lived in Philadelphia. I also had him as part of the reading series I ran at Rhodes College. I published a few of his late poems in an issue of The Shining Rock Poetry Anthology & Book Review and that was the last I spoke with him, a couple of years ago.

From the NYTimes – Gerald Stern, Poet of Wistfulness, Anger and Humor, Dies at 97. Mr. Stern, who drew on his own upbringing and the death of his sister, began writing late in life and earned the 1998 National Book Award, among other accolades.
About the Anthology Name
Shining Rock is a mountain in Appalachian North Carolina; we choose it as a title for our anthology because of its metaphorical properties.  As editors, we come to poetry with a strong commitment to the literary traditions that challenge readers to become continually educated by poetry.  We favor poems that practice difficulty not for its own sake, but because it provokes readers to new experiences of elucidating opacity, analyzing complexity, and discovering, in the concrete density of this poetry, meanings for themselves.  We favor poetry that promotes the strenuous engagement of the imagination. This poetry yields more upon rereading, thus the design for an anthology.

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