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ELEVATED ACCESS launched in April 2022.

We are a volunteer pilot network that flies people in private aircraft at no cost to access abortion and gender-affirming care.

We want to help people access the healthcare they need. We believe in bodily autonomy and the freedom to make private health care decisions without government intervention.  As not everyone can receive the care they need in their communities, we started Elevated Access to make healthcare more accessible and equitable.

Elevated Access anonymously transports patients, providers, and support staff where they need to go.  Our volunteer pilots are fully vetted and generously donate their time, skills, and aircraft.  We can fly into 3000 airports around the country, and 90% of the US population lives within a thirty-minute drive of these regional airports.  FOR MORE


The Pilots Flying Abortion Patients Across State Lines. Elevated Access is circumventing restrictive legislation and all-out bans from high in the air.

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