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Meet Greenville, SC’s New Poet Laureate, Glenis Redmond

ICYMI, the City of Greenville has a new (and its first) poet laureate: Greenvillian Glenis Redmond.

Chosen by the City’s Arts in Public Places Commission and approved by City Council on Mon., Sept. 26, Glenis will serve a two-year term starting Sat., Oct. 1, promoting literacy + literature among City residents of all ages.

“I believe poetry belongs to everyone,” Glenis tells the City of Greenville.

During her term, she’ll read poetry + speak at public meetings, venues, neighborhood and community events (think: The opening of Unity Park), and schools. She’ll also help the City introduce its first youth poet laureate. FOR MORE

Glenis Redmond, Poet-In-Residence

Visit Glenis at


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