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By Matthew Fox, in Creation Spirituality Leadership, Justice, Wisdom Education

To grasp what is happening in America at this time, it might be good to first meditate on Truth.

For many, Truth is another name for God.  In my recent book on Naming the Unnameable: 89 Wonderful and Useful Names for God…Including the Unnameable God.Truth is one of those important names for divinity.  This means that when lies abound, God is banished, for God is truth.

To approach Truth is to approach God.  To seek truth is to seek God.  The pursuit of truth is a godly act; it is a prayer.  Study is a prayer provided that the goal is not ego-enhancement or fame or power but that a pure heart is brought to the project.  This means the study of anything—stars or birds, mathematics or engineering, psychology or the origins of life, the mystics or politics—all of it is a journey to the Divine.  Theologian David Bentley Hart writes: “In God lies at once the deepest truth of mind and the most universal truth of existence, and that for this reason the world can truly be known by us.”  We all seek truth and we are all capable of finding some. FOR MORE

Photo Credit: Greg Rakozy in Unsplash

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