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Dr. Patricia Bath: The expert who revolutionized cataract surgery

By Minseo Jeong on February 26, 2021 in MedicalNewsToday

History carries many untold stories of Black women and their roles in fueling scientific advancement. This Special Feature calls attention to the life of Dr. Patricia Bath, who used her passion for ophthalmologic research to fulfill her commitment to serving communities.

Science and medicine have long been known as male-dominated fields that have featured the accomplishments of white men while overlooking and minimizing those of women and people of color.

People of color face prejudice and injustice as a result of deeply rooted systemic racism. This embedded discrimination targets groups beyond the frame of social class and economic status and is built into every aspect of society.

As an effort to bring the lives of some of these individuals to the fore, this Special Feature puts a spotlight on the career and service of Dr. Patricia Era Bath (1942–2019), a Black ophthalmologist who changed the landscape of laser eye surgery and community outreach.  FOR MORE

Photo credit: Changing the Face of Medicine

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