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Did you know that Black people helped create this region’s first non-Indigenous households? Did you know that Black people helped build Asheville and connected Asheville globally? Black entrepreneurs created thriving business districts. Black families cultivated close-knit neighborhoods. Black people from all backgrounds built resilient communities and fostered social change.

Immerse yourself in the history and heroism of Black Ashevillians by walking the Asheville Black Cultural Heritage Trail. Deepen your understanding with articles, videos, and more resources available here on the trail’s website.

Reflecting on Community Resolve

Follow the Trail

Trail History/Meet the Committee Members

Dig Deeper: Learn more about how Black people in Asheville negotiated landscapes of unequal power to build resilient communities and foster social change.


Asheville’s Black Cultural Heritage Trail will connect historic Black communities in and around downtown Asheville, presenting sites and stories ranging from well-known landmarks visible in the community today to the unsung heroes and underrecognized achievements and contributions by the Black community in the past.  In Explore Asheville

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