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CONNIE BOSTIC To Be An Artist Means To Never Avert Your Eyes



Connie Harrill Bostic was born in 1936 in Spindale, NC, a small rural town in Rutherford County, almost equidistant between Asheville, NC, and Spartanburg, SC. When her father left to serve in the army during World War II, her mother and she and a younger sister moved in with her mother’s parents who lived nearby. Her grandfather was the town sheriff and her grandmother was well-known as an avid flower gardener. She also raised chickens, and the chicken yard made an enduring impression on the young Connie, inspiring an important series of paintings.

When Connie’s father returned from the war, the couple moved back to their small house and had five more children. Connie chose to return to live with her grandparents until she left to attend Gardner-Webb Junior College in nearby Boiling Springs, NC, in 1952. After she graduated in 1954, she married George Bostic, whom she had known from the nearby town of Bostic, NC. They first lived with his parents and then moved to Indian Trail, between Monroe and Charlotte, where George worked as a manager in a mill and got his associate’s degree in accounting and business finance at King’s College in Charlotte. During this time, they had five children. FOR MORE




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