Out of Thin Air

One of the last two steamships fitted with sails, huge spread of canvas, three steel masts to court the wind, she delivered  my father’s family to the new world, from the cargo hold  called ‘Tween Decks the space reserved for rudder controls...

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September Song

Twice a week after lunch, clutching the lesson book to her chest, she leaves her third-grade class, and marches up the hall to the music room. She’ll spend half an hour with Sister Yvonne.

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Absecon on the Bass River

After landfall in Atlantic City, the snow hurricane of 1804,with its extra-tropical up-reach of clouds unleashed torrentsof  frozen rain that went to powder, and became a violent whiteout.Crystal drifts called firn, turned into hard pack, firm enough...

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The Significance of Apple

Apple is as apple does—a working fruitkeeping doctors away, shines in a lover’s eye,moderates kraut’s sauer, and providescinnamon a permanent place to wallow. Rolling out of children’s half-hitched backpacks downterrazzo hallways in the Midwest,...

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