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5,000 Years of Feminine Power and Prestige Are On Display in ‘Revered and Feared’

by Grace Ebert in Colossal

From goddesses and deities to demons and witches, women’s spirituality has always been fraught and the instigator of both awe-inspiring respect and immense anxieties. An exhibition on view now at Caixa Forum in Madrid brings 5,000 years of these complicated feelings together through 166 historical and contemporary artworks.

A collaboration between La Caixa Foundation and the British MuseumRevered and Feared: Feminine Power in Art and Belief considers how spirituality has informed notions of gender since time immemorial. The exhibition is global in scale, featuring ancient Greek monsters like Medusa, the Hindu goddess Kali, and depictions of the Christian icon, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Alongside these historical statutes and objects are works from contemporary artists like Zanele MuholiMarina AbramovićAna Mendieta, and Niki de Saint Phalle that contextualize these legacies within today’s cultural and political landscape.


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