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New Project Offers Visionary Plan for Arts, Wellness, Business Incubation in Historic Neighborhood

By Bellamy Crawford in The Laurel of Asheville

Imagine a space that is vibrant with diversity; bustling with creative local business ventures; alive with edible plants, gardening classes and healthy cooking workshops; and exemplary in its ability to heal, rejuvenate and uplift entire communities through artistic performances, wellness opportunities and environmental sustainability. While this vision may sound like something from one of Octavia Butler’s science fiction novels, it is exactly what Blue Note Junction promises for the historic Burton Street neighborhood.

Blue Note Junction is the brainchild of local visionaries DeWayne Barton and Safi Martin. The inspired wife/husband duo have been collaborating on successful projects aimed at rebuilding Affrilachia in and around Asheville for more than 20 years.  FOR MORE



Building on over 20 years of foundational work within this legacy neighborhood, Hood Huggers International, Peace Gardens & Market, and Asheville Creative Arts are partnering to create a one-of-a-kind health and business incubator within the community. As the neighborhood braces itself for yet another highway expansion, this partnership leans into existing plans and policies to address long-standing needs within our community.



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