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BREAKING NEWS – Rosenwald: “Toward a More Perfect Union” best documentary award

BREAKING NEWS June 2023 – the Campaign’s film “Rosenwald: Toward A More Perfect Union” received the award for best documentary short at the PEOPLE’S FILM FESTIVAL held June 1-4 in Harlem. 


CELEBRATION of the  Western North Carolina, Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School Past and Present – March 2022


A seed was planted here, in the minds, hearts and hands of your ancestors.
That seed became nourishment for the people of this region, and for almost
a century it has been the Long Ridge Community of cherished memory.

The Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School, was planted securely
into the rich soil of Madison County, Western North Carolina.

Among the anemone and laurel of these mountains, it flourished
in the soil of determination, imagination and grit!

Long ago, that one seed became the root of an illustrious and important idea!
Then the root became a shoot that flourished, and extended its branches far beyond itself.

For over six generations, it has endured because of you.
Germination takes time, takes care, and takes intention.

Look around you to see those who have tended the soil so well,
those who will pass it on as a gift for generations to come. 
Yes, germination for generations! That is why we are here today.

Jean Cassidy    Asheville, North Carolina   March 20, 2022

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