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I want people to experience their happiness.

My art is all about happiness, joy, and laughter. My process of creation is joyful and I love watching the joy that the art creates in people’s life. In this video, I invite you to experience my creative process so you can feel the love behind the art.

“Laughter, Light Wands, Encouragement…Oh My”

While dawdling along various spiritual paths in search of my Inner Muffin I began doodling the wacky cast of characters that live in my head. I began offering my designs at the bookshop I owned at the time and lo and behold, they were a huge hit! The characters jumped out of my head and on to the paper and took on a life of their own and I became know as the Great Cosmic Happy Ass.

From nutty gurus, irreverent monks and blessed bovines, I’ve shared my world as greeting cards, magnets and prints since 1996 and I discovered the fastest way to enlightenment is a good laugh and a cosmic happy ass.

So I welcome you here and remember, we are all just walking each other home.   FOR MORE



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