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WOMANSONG Sings for Joy, Social Justice, and Community since 1987

Our Mission


  • We value Womansong as a nurturing village and a high-quality performance group and we cultivate both.
  • We value the power of music and believe that our singing uplifts, inspires, unites, and heals.
  • We value community and believe that care and respect for each other are key ingredients of our work.
  • We value the empowerment of women, and we support women in improving their lives.
  • We value joy and believe that laughter heals and fosters spiritual connections.
  • We value excellence and believe that each member’s efforts and dedication are essential to Womansong’s success.
  • Because we believe that accepting and respecting individual differences enriches us, our music and our community, we actively embrace and encourage a diverse membership within Womansong.  We affirm and support diversity with regards to age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, and spiritual beliefs.

Love is the heartbeat of our music and our Womansong community. FOR MORE

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