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PATTY CARROLL’S Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise

displayed in Paris Metro Station!

In the coolest news we’re sure to see all day, the work of gallery artist Patty Carroll is featured in the Paris metro! If you get to the Hôtel de Ville station, send us a pic with your favorite Patty!

“For the tenth anniversary of Fisheye, the RATP is exhibiting ten photographers already published in the magazine in the corridors of stations and metro stations in Paris. Unusual and unexpected, each of the works features a variety of costumes, the theme of the event.” click here.

Galerie XII Paris is also putting up the first exhibition of Patty’s work in Paris. Catch Anonymous Women from Saturday February 18, 2023 to Saturday March 18, 2023 if you happen to be in the city! FOR MORE

Featured Photograph: “Cooking the Goose” features a 1950s era kitchen in disarray with a woman’s smartly dressed legs replete with pink pumps sticking out of the oven. One arm protrudes through the stove burner, clutching a phone, while the other arm holds a ladle.”


The Budapest International Foto Awards honors 2023 Winner

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