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NY Times Missed These 12 Trailblazers: Meet the Women Transforming AI

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So, the New York Times recently unveiled a prestigious list of the “who’s who” in AI. When that flashy caption appeared on my Google News feed, I had a feeling this list would be worth a second look. Oh, was I right. The list showcases 12 key figures in AI who have played a pivotal role in the new “AI movement” and are the driving force behind the dawn of our modern Artificial Intelligence era. Sounds cool, right? You can check out the original article here (in the New York Times if you have a subscription).

The world is a complex place, and when you’re trying to deepen your understanding of what’s happening, it’s good to have multiple sources you can rely on.

Medium complements the sources you already turn to for news. For example, if you’re curious about the state of artificial intelligence, this Wikipedia article on generative AI might be a great place to start. And if you wanted to know more about the researchers, executives and investors who’ve been driving the artificial intelligence movement, this New York Times story gives you a solid who’s who. And to learn more about the women leaders the Times missed, round out your understanding with the Medium story on 12 trailblazing women transforming AI.

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