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Your Backyard Can Be a Buffet for Birds… but You Need To Be a Good Caterer!

American Bird Conservancy

Birds are remarkable in so many ways: their astonishing beauty, the marvel that is migration, the sheer diversity of the more than 10,000 species found around the world. They are also remarkable for their accessibility: right outside our windows is a world that we can observe, experience, and share with others. Feeding birds can bring their world a little closer to our own. Our yards can be vital habitats and following a few simple guidelines can help create a safe haven where birds can flock, feed, nest, and rest — and we can enjoy a closer glimpse into their lives. Whether you are celebrating National Bird Feeding Month in February or sharing your observations of backyard visitors during Project FeederWatch, these tips will help you create a safe and inviting habitat for birds close to home. FOR MORE


Photo Credit:  House Finch by Jeff Goulden

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