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Lights Out Asheville

The City of Asheville commits to a Lights Out initiative to help protect migratory birds!

Asheville’s Mayor and City Council made a huge commitment to protecting migratory birds by issuing a Bird Migration Awareness Proclamation and sponsoring a new Lights Out initiative.

The program is designed to increase awareness of migratory bird collisions with buildings and to promote practices that help prevent bird mortalities. FOR MORE



t is with great sorrow that we share the news of a very sad loss to our birding community. Our dear friend, Len Pardue, died on Thursday, October 1. We wanted to let our members know and to share some remembrances of Len.
Len moved to Asheville in 1997 and immediately got to work as a volunteer with Blue Ridge Audubon (then Elisha Mitchell Audubon).

He proudly served on the Board of Directors from 1998 through 2017, including as President from 2011-2013. For almost 20 years, Len brought wisdom and skilled leadership to our Board, always keeping us focused on our mission. He worked tirelessly championing the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary, and guided the chapter through a successful fundraising campaign which raised $150,000 for upgrades to the Sanctuary. Highly respected and held in great esteem, Len was a mentor to many of us, and a friend to us all.  
An avid birder, Len could often be found at the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary with a pair of binoculars around his neck. He’d quietly tip his hat and smile to greet visitors and fellow birders. He and his wife Esther devoted countless hours helping to maintain our special Sanctuary as a haven for birds and people. Remember Len fondly the next time you walk the boardwalk and see the sign marking the “Pardue Wetland”, named in honor of Len and Esther.

“Len was a dedicated advocate for Audubon and birds. Though quiet and unassuming, he never hesitated to share his wisdom with the Board. We listened. He was loved by all and was a mentor to me.” — Tom Tribble, previous President
“What a class act! We really got lucky when Len moved to Asheville. He was dedicated and helpful in every way, soft-spoken and even tempered. When he disagreed with you he would just get a wry smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye and you knew. The world could use a lot more Len Pardues. He will be greatly missed. — Marilyn Westphall, previous President
“Len was also a long time member of Carolina Bird Club, serving on the board of directors for several years, including as President. He was a wonderful friend, birder, field trip leader, and conservationist. He also was very lucky to have Esther as his partner in life.” — Gail Lankford, previous Vice President
We will treasure Len for his sage guidance and his kind, calm, and gentle nature — much like the birds he loved so much. He was a gentleman, the truest of gentlemen, and will be dearly missed by all who knew him.
Photos:(top): Esther and Len Pardue with Audubon staffer Heather Starck at BLBS(bottom): Esther and Len Pardue with Tom Tribble and the Pardue Wetland sign
Blue Ridge Audubon Chapter PO Box 18711Asheville, NC 28814


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